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The access and navegation in the website, or the use of the services of the same, imply the clear aceptation and integrate all of these and every one of the current General Conditions, including in the Particular Conditions fixed to specific promotions like Privacy Policy and Cookies, relative to the goals of the treatments of the data that you give us. Please, we recommend you read mindfully.

1.- Legal information

In compliance with the law 34/2002, 11th of July, of services of the information society and electronic commerce, the identifying data of the owner of the web portal are:


Registration information in the Mercantil Register.

For any question or request, you can contact with us by phono: 965124715 or e-mail: perioimplant@perioimplant.es

The access it means the express aceptation of the User to the current General Conditions of Use, that can be modificate or replaced by the owner at anytime and no needly previus warn.

2.- General Conditions of using

The next General Conditions regulate the use and log in to the Website, whose purpose is being the hall to DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT, offering to the users information, services and website contents. Through the website, the user has access to the information about products and specific services, tools and apps.

The data and informations about products or services, price and characteristics or other important data offered through the website are done, offered and updated by providers and third companies. DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT.

The user commits to do a right use about contents, services, apps and toold that are accesibles with subjection to the law and de current General Conditions of use, and in the case to de Specific Conditions that can settle for the log in to determinate services and apps, respecting in every momento to the rest of the users of the same.

In case of total or parcial breach of current General Conditions of Use by the user DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT reserves the right to deny access without prior notice to the user.

The user when accept the current General Conditions of Use is obligated expressly to:
Don´t do any action with the objective to harm, block, damage, disable, overcharge in a temporary or definitive way the functionalities, tools, contents and the infraestructures of the website in a way that prevents it’s normal use.

Take care and keep the confidenciality of the access keys associates with the number of the user, being responsable of the using of these keys of access personal and non-transferable by third parties.

Not introduce or realice any insulting or calummatory, such as other users third companies far from DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT.

Not using these materials and informations contented in this website con illicit purposes and prohibited expressly in the current General Conditions of Use, such as the particular conditions that are established for determinate apps and utilities and result opposite to the rights and interestings of DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT, his users or third parties.

Not offer or distribute products or services, not do advertising or comercial communication which have not requested to other users and visittors of DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT.

The user will answer by all the damages or perjuices of any kind which DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT or any third party can suffer like consequence of the disable of any obligation that it is submitted by virtue of these “General Conditiones of Use” or the law in relation with the access or using of the website.

3.- Intellectual And Industrial Property

The website, the pages that it has and the information or the the elements contained in it (including, texts, documents, photographs, draws, grafic representations between other) like logos, brands, comercial names or other distinctive signs are finding protected by property rights, intelectual or industrial, those which DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT is owner or has authorization for his using and public comunication of the legitims owners of those.

The user is obligated to use the contents in a different way, diligent or correct, agree with the law, the moral and the public organize. DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT or the legitims owners of those.

The user isn’t authorized to proceed to the distribution, modification, assignment or public communication of the information contented in the website in any way and anything it is the purpose.

4.- Links

The connections and links to places or websites have established derived from the existence of links between contents in this place and contented outside of it or any other mention of external contents to this place. Those links or mentions have a purpose exclusive informative and in any clase, imply the support, approval, comercialization or any relation between . DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT and people or author entity and contents of managing or owners of the places where they find them.

To realice links with the website it will be necessary the express authorization and by writting of the owners of the portal.

5.- Responsability

DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT doesn’t garantee the continue access, or any correct view, downloader or utility of the contents of the elements and information contented in the websites of the portal that can suffer impediments, difficulties or interrupted by factors or circumstances out of control or far of his will, or those that are produced by the existence of computer virus in Internet.

DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT doesn’t assumes any responsability by damages, perjuices, losts, claims or expenses produced by:

Interferences, interruptions, mistakes, omissions, delays, blocks or disconnections, motive by mistakes in the lines and telecomunication networks or because any other thing of the control of DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT

Ilegitimate intromissions through the use of bad programs or any kind and through any kind of media comunication, like computer virus or anything;

The use improper or inappropriate of the website of DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT

Security mistakes or navegation produced by bad work in the navegator or because the use of versions not updates.

DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT is not responsable and in any case will answer to the users and third parties about acts of any third of DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT that suppose the realization of acts of unfair competition and illicit advertising or infringement of the honor rights, the personal, familiar, privacy and the image, of the property rights and other kind of things belongs to one third party by reason of the transmission, difussion, stored, available, reception, obtaining, or access to the content.

All the politic of treatment of personal data you will find in the Privacy Policy that is integrated of these General Conditions but what, because simply, we have put in a document a part of: Privacy Policy.

6.- Legislation

The current Legal warning and the terms and conditions it will be govern and interpret the agreement with the Spanish Legislation. The user, because the fact to access to the website or get the condition of user registered, irrevocable, his consent to the competent Tribunals by default can know of any judicial action derived or related with current conditions or with the use of this place o the navegation done by himself.

If any clause or paragraph of the current General Conditions, that they aren’t the kind of esencial to the existence of this, is declarated null or inaplicable, the validity of the rest clauses won’t be affected.