Who We Are

The clinic, Perio & Implant, is formed by a team of over 25 people who work and strive daily to offer the best in periodontic and implantology treatment. We integrate a professionally modern and humanistic clinic at the forefront of European dental medicine. The Doctors have a great scientific knowledge but are close to the patients and their needs, and implement the most advanced and safe techniques to restore your oral health and resolve your oral problems. In short, we are a medical center specialized in periodontics, implantology, oral surgery and advanced implant rehabilitation.

Pioneers in introducing periodontal microsurgical techniques and minimally invasive implant surgery. Introducing the use of disk software for reaching aesthetic excellence in our prosthetic implants and creating a unique space for the first unit of computer-guided implantology to perfect our latest generation of treatments.

Improving quality and service to the patient, we always offer our best technical benefits which will contribute to the improvement of their quality of life by providing the finest care for your mouth from a functional point of view, as well as an aesthetic one.



Work Philosophy

Since our grand opening in 1997, our goal was to form a medical team with the most qualified personnel, trained in disciplines which we are constantly trying to evolve with an innovative spirit; anxious to offer the best solution with the most advanced means.

Our mission is to provide excellent dental care specialists in a select and pleasant climate. We have the best qualified professionals to offer the best treatment options.

Without overlooking the human aspect and the nearby affordable treatment we give our patients, with whom we establish a lasting relationship based on trust, our personalized and quality treatments.

We promote prevention and maintenance of oral health through proper monitoring of the complexity of each case, with the best diagnostic methods and treatments, through the least costly means for the patient.

We are committed to our community in promoting oral health and scientific development.

Our facilities can be found in the center of the city itself, all the serviceability and the lastest in technology with thoughts you in mind.

We offer to the patients an integral solution to each of its problems, with offices and rooms dedicated exclusive to the areas that do to these specialties:

  • Diagnosis

    Offices of diagnosis, proper laboratory, Room of sterilization, Rooms of surgery periodontal and implanology, office of dentistry and of prosthesis, area of preparation of the surgical patient, rooms of relaxation, offices of basic periodontal treatment and of hygiene and maintenance.

  • 3D Center

    Center of dental diagnosis for digital imagry with endowment to dental TAC, TV and orthopantomography, periapical radiology, software design of application and advice in 3D.

  • Room VIP

    VIP Room for the patients who wish privacy and room for long treatment with all the attentions of its comfort.

  • Others

    They complete facilities, the reception area, administration, waiting rooms with refreshment services, TV and press, room of conferences for formative courses and broadcast of live surgeries with meeting room for dental student in clinical stays.