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We appreciate you have come to visit us. We want you experience in the place be the best as possible, and for this reason we have write this Cookies Policy on the way more sincerely as much as possible.

What is a Cookie?

The cookies are files that they contain small quantities of information that they download in the device of the user, they use them when you visit a website. The main goa lis to recognize to the user every time it log in and it allow us, in addition, to get better quality and usability of our web.
The cookies are esencial for the working of Internet; they can´t damage the devide of the user, and if they are activated in the control setting of your navegator, they help us to identify and resolve possible operating mistakes.

Kind of Cookies

There are different kind of cookies. All of them work in the same way, but they have small differences:

Session Cookies: The session Cookies take only for one term of your visit and they delete when you closet he navegator. Their goal is identify the kind of the device, support the security of the website or basic functionality

Permanent or persistent Cookies: The are stored in the HDD and our website read them everytime you make a new visit to it; it has a date of expiry specific, finished this one, the cookie stop to work. They allow us to identify your actions and preferences; analyse the visits and they help us to understand how arrive the users to our page and improve our services.

Functional Cookies: Allow to remember decisions which users adopted, like login or identification.
The information that these cookie collect is anonymous (it means, doesn´t contain your name, address, or other data).

Third-party of Cookies: The third-party cookies are the cookies what install a websitewhich isn’t you are visitting, for example, the used by social media (like FACEBOOK) or by external complements external content plug-ins (like Google Maps). In addition, some companies of advertising use this kind of files to do a following of your visits in every place you are announced.
Analytic Cookies: The are cookies that have the objetive the periodic maintenance and garantee the best work and service to the user; recollecting data about your activity.


With the access to: you accept expressaly way we can use this kind of cookies in your devices. If you lock the cookies, can be possible your navegation doesn’t be optimal and some of these utilities what it has doesn’t work correctly.


With the goal of recognize you and give you a better service, our place uses cookies (small files of text that your navegator stores) like owners. The advantages to have accepting our cookies it traduces in saving of time. Also, they can be used to recognize you between succesive visits and then, to adapt the content what it show you, to get information about the date and time of the last visit, to size some parameters of traffic inside of within the site itself, and estimate the number of visits realized, so that we can focus and fit the services and promotions more effectivily.
No cookie allows to conect with your numer pone, your mailaddress or any way of contact. No cookie can extract the information of your HDD or steal personal information.

-Cookies de Google Analytics
The place uses the Google Analytics services, which is given by Google, Inc., entity whose main office placed in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, EE.UU (“Google”).

Google Analytics uses cookies for helping the use of the place (including your IP address) will be directly transmitted and archived by Google in his servers In EE.UU. Google will use this information on our behalf with the purpose of keep track of your use of the site. Google will use this information for third parties when the legislation required it, or when those parties process the information by Google Account. Google won’t asssociate your IP address with any other data which dispose Google.

If you wish you can refuse the treatment of the data or the information refusing the use of the cookies with the selecction of the right configuration in your navegator. However, if you do, can be you can’t use the total functionality of this place. To use this place you consent the treatment your information by Google in the way and for the goal indicated on the top.

Our page uses the Google Analytics service which is given by Google , Inc., entity whose main office placed in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, EE.UU (“Google”). By this reason, just visiting our page you expressly give your consent that this information generated by google analytics cookies be transferred to the servers of Google Inc.sitos en EE.UU; specifically the information what generates the cookie about your using of the place, recollecting informs about the activity of the place.


DRA. CARMEN POMARES PUIG CLINICA PERIO-IMPLANT in compliance with current legal regulations, we put at your disposal the information that allows to set up`your navegator/navegators of Internet to keep your privacity and security in relation with the cookies. By this reason, we give you information with links to the official places of support of main navegators so you can decide if you want or not to accept the use of the cookies.
So, you can block the cookies through the tools in the navegator settings or maybe you can set up your navegator to receive a warning when a server wants to save a cookie:

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What happens it the cookies are disabled? Some functions of the Services and areas of this website could not work correctly if the cookies are disabled.

Do we update our Cookies Policy? It’s possible what we update the Cookies Policy of our website, by this reason we recommend you to review this policy every time you access to our website with the objective to be rightly informed about how and for what we use the cookies.